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New kid.

Name: Angela
Age: Thirteen (Dying to turn fourteen.)
Fav. Nirvana song: Drain You, Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip, Do Re Mi, Milk It, Aneurysm, Help Me I'm Hungry, Polly, & Verse Chorus Verse. I like a lot of their cover songs too, like The Vaseline's covers and Seasons In The Sun.
Fav. Album: Couldn't chose.
Years listen'n to nirvana: Maybe about two, I've always knew who they were but never really paid much attention.
How you found out about nirvana: My brother gave me one of his extra copies of Nevermind.
Dave Grohl or Chad Channing?: Chad was pretty good at drums but I like Dave a bit better personality-wise.
What do you think of Kurt Fan girls?: In four years they won't even remeber who Kurt Cobain was. Lame and annoying sums it up.
Play guitar?: No, but I'd like to start.
Thoughts on Nevermind album: I have to admit it is a very clean cut album. But the talent is still there. My first Nirvana album and my favorite.
Thoughts on Smells Like Teen Spirit: Helped introduce Nirvana into the mainstream. It's an awesome song but can't compare to some of their others.
Nirvana Memorbilia?: Magazines, Great Albums: Nevermind, With The Lights Out, and a shirt.
What you tend on bringing to the comunity: My opinion and maybe some knowledge.
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